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Multiple Federal Website Experiencing Challenges

Details have not been identified at this point but please do not be alarmed if you got an email from [email protected] this morning.

From the FSD Help Desk at of noon ET…

“ access has been restored. We are continuing to monitor performance and are aware that there may be continued issues as was log out that was experienced earlier this week. Additionally if you’ve received an e-mail about entity registration, the e-mail is generated an error no action is needed by you at this time. FSD continues to experience high call volume thank you for your patience. If you received an e-mail about entity registration the e-mail was generated in error, no action is needed by you.”

Yesterday, and seemingly earlier in the week as well, the ECMS system for GSA was having challenges as well.

To be clear, I have NO inside information other then what is observable. Over the past several years though, the migration to a single interface/website being SAM.GOV has all put added importance on reliability and security of that single point of failure.

An issue faced yesterday, and piece of advice. A deadline for one of my clients was during this outage. My action was to call the relevant government help desk responsible for that system. Get the issue time stamped and documented. Then we proactively sent and email to the Contracting Officer with the Trouble Ticket number with an extension request.

Point here is to document the issue and that it’s out of your control. Now if you waited until the last minute, you’re on your own and probably will not get the extension.

Another point is to document for the Contracting Officer. They’re not submitting. They may not be aware of the issue, or even that an issue may exist.

Be proactive and communicate!

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