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Off to the races!!

The world of government acquisitions and procurement has many twists and turns. It is a world of regulation and policy as well as reliability and results. Whether your interest stems from a duty to continue your service in a new capacity or you are seeking a stable client who pays their bills, the government of the United States of America wants you to succeed.

Yep, that’s right. You heard it here first. The government does actually want you to succeed. They are financially and otherwise invested in your success. The great part about our government also, is they put their policies where their money is too.

You may not realize it, or maybe you do and that’s why you’re research this website, but the business you are in almost certainly is needed by the government in some capacity. Whether that is seasonal work, product or service, 99 times out of 100 they want what you’ve got.

Ok, great … you provide a product/service … they want to buy the product/service … now what? Ah, grasshopper! Now you are asking the right question. If you have attempted and failed or think everything is rigged for somebody’s uncle or step-sister, you couldn’t be more mistaken. It is not easy but certainly possible with the right road map. Our focus at the National Center for Responsible Government Contracting is to teach you and your organization how to conduct business as a contractor to the government. We also specialize in annual ethics and refresher training to update your team on latest rules or just a basic refresher of how to interact with government customers. They’re normal people and dedicated to what they do. They just have a whole bunch of rules and regulations they have to follow.

Understand the rules of the game in the first step. Then it’s off to the races!!

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