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7 Benefits to Starting a Merchandising Company in Tampa

If you’re interested in launching a merchandising company, Tampa boasts an attractive market! This city has expanded significantly over the past decade, making it the perfect spot for entrepreneurs in the merchandising space. These tips from the National Center for Responsible Government Contracting will walk you through everything that makes Tampa such an ideal city for merchandising entrepreneurs!

Rentals in Tampa

Although Tampa is a rapidly growing metropolis, homes are still relatively affordable compared to similar cities. The reasonable cost of living will create a longer “runway” for your business and enable you to hire talent at a lower cost.

What if you’d prefer to rent a home or apartment for your family before buying? First, it’s a good idea to research which neighborhoods have the amenities you want. Next, use an online search platform to browse properties and apartments within your budget that offer your preferred number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Population Growth

In recent years, lots of people have caught on to the many perks of living in Tampa. In fact, Plan Hillsborough states that Tampa’s population grew by 27% between 2010 and 2020. With so many professionals flocking to Tampa, you’ll have an ever-expanding hiring pool for recruiting.

Entrepreneurial Community

In Tampa, you’ll find it easy to connect with community business leaders, mentors, loyal patrons, and fellow merchandising entrepreneurs. With your community’s support, you’ll be ready to set ambitious goals and overcome challenges. Plus, you can get involved with these business organizations based in the city:

  • You can attend free business events at the Entrepreneur Collaborative Center.
  • If you want to master new skills before launching your business, enroll in an evening class program with CO.STARTERS.
  • To meet other entrepreneurs, consider signing up for a membership at a coworking space like CoWork Tampa.

Higher Education in Tampa

Starting a business in a city that several universities call home will ensure that you can hire educated local workers. Every year, thousands of young people move to Tampa to earn their degrees at these prestigious universities:

  • The main campus of the University of South Florida is located in Tampa.
  • The University of Tampa is a private university where students can get a great education by the beach!
  • Close by, Florida Southern College is ranked as one of the top private colleges in the state.

Endless Things to Do

Business owners and employees alike need to relax and have fun when they’re not working – and in Tampa, fun is never far away! With so many delicious restaurants, city-wide events, and natural beauty in the area, your workforce is sure to feel happy in and out of the office. Every Tampa local should check out these peaceful parks and exciting festivals in the city:

  • Whether you want to enjoy cycling, canoeing, hiking, or horseback riding, Alafia River State Park features extensive trails and waterways for all of these activities.
  • Enjoy amazing views of Tampa’s skyline from Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park.
  • Choice Hotels states that you can celebrate all year round in Tampa at the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, the Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival, and Ribfest!

Coastal Living

What’s the best part of living in Tampa? You can run your business right next to the beach! There’s nothing better than taking a refreshing dip in the ocean and after a long day of work – you’ll feel energized and motivated to take on the next day.

Business Launch Tasks

You’re probably eager to start running your Tampa-based business. But Shopify states in order to legally operate your business in Florida, you’ll have to check off these tasks first:

  • Form an LLC for limited liability and tax perks – just make sure to follow Florida’s specific requirements for establishing this business structure.
  • Select your business name and procure an Employer Identification Number before filing your articles of organization and choosing a registered agent.
  • Before you officially start operating, ensure that you’ve obtained any necessary business permits and licenses.

In a city with a high cost of living, minimal sense of community, and no institutions of higher education, launching a business is no easy task. But finding a home or rental property and starting a merchandising company in a thriving city like Tampa is much more achievable! For all of these reasons and more, Tampa is the perfect site for your new merchandising business.

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